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See what our awesome customers are saying about us

"Your cameras saved our business from being closed down - the police and government officials cleared us and our bouncers of any wrongdoing"

Body Camera

- Bar in Alberta, Canada

"Very impressed with the PBC1 It's built like a tank and the image quality is great. Even better, the support is outstanding"

Body Camera

- Indoor Environmental Testing Inc, Wisconsin USA

"Saved me and the landlord"


Body Camera 

- Al Zennamo, New YorkReal Estate Inspections LLC

" Thanks ,,,your customer service is #1"


Body Camera

- Darryl Mizuguchi

Home Inspector, Hawaii

" First week we caught students vandalizing the bus, since then there has been a reduction in these types of incidents"

Dash Cameras


- DC1, School District 79

Duncan, BC, Canada

" Worked very well during a major forest fire"


Body Camera


- Grand Forks Fire Dept.

Grand Forks, BC, Canada

"The picture and sound quality is far superior and the software to view the video is much easier to use. The night vision is spectacular. I am very pleased with them"

BN03 Dash Camera

-  Fire Chief Brad Yochim

Fire Chief Wallace District Fire Dept, 

Virden MB, Canada

"The dash cams/gps have proven to be a great addition to our fleet and operations and have assisted in unwarranted claims"

Dash Cameras and GPS

 - Brantal Contractors, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

" Best product I have ever bought"


Body Camera

- Robert Furlong Design Co.

Langley, BC, Canada

" Extremely user friendly "


Body Camera


Jay Squared Home Inspectors

Alberta, Canada

" Seamless dealings with insurance"


Dash Cameras

 - Mario's Towing

Kelowna, BC, Canada

" Highly recommended"


Dash Cameras

- Fire Chief Dennis Craig 

Peachland Fire Dept

Peachland, BC, Canada

"Lee is very knowledgeable in his field and his products are top of the line. I have been very impressed with the quality and functionality of the body cam / dash cam and auxiliary camera that I bought. The image is so clear and it’s been a fantastic addition to my home inspection business."

Body Camera

- Tara Godwin

Attic to Alley Home Inspection Inc

Kelowna, BC, Canada

" Love the benefits associated with the audio and video your product provides.  My camera is always on when I'm on an inspection"


Body Camera

- Zack Noonan, Inspection Connection San Diego, USA

" If you don't want to get sued, buy this camera"

Body Camera


- Body Cam, Jim Krumm, Colorada's Best Home Inspection LLC

" Thank you for the great support provided by your company, it is nothing short of impressive "


Body Camera

- Indoor Environmental Testing Inc , Wisconsin USA

" The cameras have worked really well for us "


Body Camera


- North Cowichan Fire Dept.

North Cowichan, BC, Canada

" Your support along with your cameras just saved us $50,000 because insurance thought we were at fault, without your expertise and camera we would have our case"


Dash Camera

- Major Courier Company

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Any industry that I have spoken with has told me horror story after horror story of payouts, lawsuits, complaints and no way to protect themselves.  I am here to say there is a way and so are my customers that use our products.   Protect yourself, your employees and your company through the use of body cameras, dash cameras and GPS.  There simply is no substitute for cold hard facts.

- Lee Hamilton

Owner of RoadScan Canada Inc

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