"your cameras saved our business from being closed down - the police and government officials cleared us and our bouncers of any wrongdoing"

- Bar in Alberta

"saved me and the landlord"


- Al Zennamo, New YorkReal Estate Inspections LLC

" first week we caught students vandalizing the bus, since then there has been a reduction in these types of incidents"


- DC1, School District 79 BC

"Very impressed with the PBC1 It's built like a tank and the image quality is great. Even better, the support is outstanding"

- Body Cam, Indoor Environmental Testing Inc, Wisconsin USA

" worked very well during a major forest fire"


- Body Cam, Grand Forks Fire

" best product I have ever bought"


- Body Cam, Robert Furlong Design Co.

" extremely user friendly "



- Body Cam, Jay Squared Home Inspectors

" the cameras have worked really well for us "


- Body Cam, North Cowichan Fire

"The dash cams/gps have proven to be a great addition to our fleet and operations and have assisted in unwarranted claims"

- Body Cams and GPS, Brantal Contractors, Kelowna, British Columbia

" if you don't want to get sued, buy this camera"


- Jim Krumm, Colorada's Best Home Inspection LLC

" highly recommended"



- Body Cam, Peachland Fire

" seamless dealings with insurance"


- Dash Cam, Mario's Towing

" thank you for the great support provided by your company, it is nothing short of impressive "


- Body Cam, Indoor Environmental Testing Inc , Wisconsin USA

" install was very easily and quickly done"


- Dash Cam, Hudson's Hope

When I am at conferences I hear horror story after horror story of inspectors dealing with false claims and having to pay out of their own pocket as they can't prove things didn't happen.

- Lee Hamilton

Owner of RoadScan Canada Inc

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