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Forensic Collision Expert Support

RoadScan Canada can not only assists in capturing the data required to make a more informative decision about liability, but also adds that extra assurance that a collision expert is there to support you.


Approximately 8 million collisions 

occur per day in Canada and the USA

(loosely put, close to 900 / day)

RoadScan Canada is providing a unique blend of cameras and analysis by teaming up with Crashtec Canada Forensic Collision Experts that have over 25 years of experience in forensic collision investigations.  The team at Crashtec Canada have attended over 5000 crashes during that time, from low speed impacts to fatalities.  Our team have been deemed experts in collision reconstruction in Provincial and Civil courts.  

Here are just a few ways we can assist you:

  • dash camera video analysis (helps establish liability)

  • determination of crash location (which side of the road was the crash)

  • traffic crash report review

  • commercial vehicle collisions and more!


The addition of Crashtec Canada support to your dash camera purchase allows you access to a Forensic Collision Reconstructionist Expert which provides you some peace of mind knowing that you have an expert in your back pocket.  This support is hard to get from any other companies which makes us very unique to the dash cam community.


Learn more about Crashtec Canada and our Forensic Collision Reconstruction experts at

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