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RoadScan - In The Business of Saving Fleet Managers Money 

Fleet of Trucks

Fleet Managers are constantly striving to find innovative and cost-efficient ways to improve safety while simultaneously saving money.  This is often a difficult process with the many platforms being used that are not compatible with each other.  Why not make it easier by having all of your programs work together while ensuring 'one' monthly payment through one provider.   This will reduce stress financially knowing that one payment takes care of everything,

RoadScan Canada will provide you the means to achieve this by working with you to identify your needs, ensuring you get the product you need while keeping your costs down.  


RoadScan Canada offers a full solution service by providing:

  • Dash Cams with Real Time view

  • Telematics with Real Time GPS

  • Vehicle and Driver Reporting through Telematics

  • Expert incident investigation support

We have partnered with the largest insurance broker in Western Canada that will assist in mitigating risks and reducing budgets while at the same time lowering claim costs which in turn lowers your insurance costs.  Crashes are costly and occur unexpectedly, but with the right insights provided, those at-fault crashes can be all but eliminated.  Tracking drivers and observing their behaviour will provide that insight needed to make fundamental changes to your operations.


Cameras and GPS telematics are the best, most cost efficient way to identify issues with drivers which will ultimately lead to further educating moments so that they do alter their behaviour behind the wheel and prevent at fault crashes from occurring while reducing unscheduled maintenance costs.


Make the transition today to improve safety, knowledge of your company’s drivers and ultimately save money.

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