We Offer All Investigators  & Fleet Managers Tools To Refute False Claims!

RoadScan Canada offers investigators of all industries the best tool to easily refute false claims or capture the complete scene upon arrival.  After all, you only have ONE chance to get it right!

Fleet Managers, know what is 'ACTUALLY' happening to your vehicles and 'SEE' what took place at any incident.

BC's Dash & North American Body Camera Experts

RoadScan Canada 

About Us

Located in sunny Kelowna, British Columbia, RoadScan Canada is strategically located to meet the demands of any customer, nationally or internationally. RoadScan Canada was founded by two retired police officers with extensive collision reconstruction experience.











(Photo of Lee while stationed in Whistler BC)

We protected the road then and we want to protect the road now!


Through our extensive knowledge of driving habits, physics, thousands of hours enforcing traffic laws combined with our immense experience of collision reconstruction (we have attended over 10,000 crashes combined), we are experts in the field that positions all fleets and drivers in the best seat possible to deal with insurance companies, lawyers, courts and claims (especially false ones). 

You can trust us as we have been there

We pride ourselves in being a service delivery model that doesn't just offer sales, but expert support and customer service as well. 

Our company continues to grow with resellers in Ontario, Alberta, Florida, Colorado and welcomes Quebec as well!!

Let us help - contact us today!

Read our feature in Canadian Towing & Recovery Magazine!




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