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The RS2000 allows real time GPS and data to be displayed simultaneously on your phone or tablet, securely, with ExtremeHD video and audio. The RS2000 comes with 2 external batteries which allows up to 19 hours of battery life - THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!


Additional features include: 

64GB of data (up to 128gb for additonal cost)

Quick start record mode

Password protected

Extreme HD 1440p resolution 

150˚ wide angle lens

Automatic Infrared 

Tape recorder

Doubles as a dash cam

GPS / Time / Date / Speed

2” color screen

Up to 19 hour battery life (two external batteries)

Upgraded Ambarella H22 Chip Technology

Exceptional mic quality even in noisy places

Waterproof to IP66

Shock proof outer case

High quality metal clip

Working temperature from -40˚C to 60˚C

Comes with USB cable, charging base station, car charger, metal clip and shoulder strap


Optional external mini camera (extra cost associated)

Optional shoulder harness (extra cost associated)





  • More Info

    The RS2000 is WiFi compatible with your phone or tablet enabling you to view live on your iOS or Android device while using the camera.  This allows you to put the camera in dark spaces but look at your phone to ensure you are capturing the right data. 


    For law enforcement this camera is great for surveillance or 'looking around corners' to see what is actually there and allow for better more secure strategic measures to take place.


    The RS2000 features an updated coding format of H.265 which allows for more data to be captured (essentially doubling the storage capability).


    The camera doubles as a dash cam which allows you to capture your full drive as well.The 150˚ field of view lens provides excellent data capturing of video and photos with the addition of GPS coordinates (location), time and date stamp.


    The data collected at every scene or inspection provides a reliable, unaltered account of any investigation and transaction with the public.


    The RS2000 is an extremely user friendly, reliable addition for any investigator/security (including nightclubs) in any industry that provides ultimate, priceless protection and peace of mind.


    Go to the app store on iPhone or Android and download LinkineyesA12 lite to view via WiFi on your phone or tablet.


    There are multiple users for our body cam which are not limited to the list below

    Fire department

    Peace Officers

    Arson Investigators

    Security at Licenced Establishments

    Forestry Services & Wildfire Management Investigators

    Conservation Officers

    Bylaw and Parking Enforcement Officers


    Building Inspectors

    Security Officers 

    Night Clubs