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CH10 Specs


  • Ambarella H22
  • OS sensor which provides a higher dynamic range and requires less battery usage 
  • Anti Shake/H.265 coding
  • Data protection/encryption during writing files to memory card 
  • One touch video start
  • Complete view angle 140˚
  • 1440p
  • Front big REC button, easy operation
  • 12 hours of continuous video recording @ 1080p 30fps
  • Size: 3.3” *2.2” *1” (84.5mm *56.3mm *27.3mm)
  • Light weight: 5.75oz *163g
  • IR up to 30 feet *10 metres at 0 lux with visible and recognizable images
  • Shock proof: 5.9ft *1.8m
  • IP67 rating
  • Video MP4
  • Photos: JPEG
  • Photos can be taken during video mode
  • Storage: 64gb (optional 128gb and 256gb - added cost)
  • Recording time: up to 14 hours in 1080p
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Pre & Post recording: 30 seconds to 60 seconds, varies from resolution settings
  • Water stamp: User ID*Device ID*Date*Time*Locations*GPS*Use as dash cam
  • Standard mount: 360˚ rotatable clip


Mini Cam

  • Ultra lowlight performant and IR LED
  • 2”*1.5”*.75”
  • More Info

    While this is our newest addition to our body cameras, it still offers the same great quality as our PBC1 and DH22 cameras, small but rugged.  

    This new camera also comes with a new style of shoulder harness that combines safety with versatility.

    Our CH10 also comes with a 12 volt charger to use as a dash cam or just to have a charger in your vehicle so you can always have battery life.


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