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Our newest arrival is for easy use application.  The large button on the front allows you to push and record.  The same quality you have come to expect in our other body cameras is still present, don't let the small size surprise you.  Extreme HD resolution, H.265 coding format, Ambarella A22 chipset, 140˚ viewing capacity, automatic IR and GPS can all be found on this compact camera.

Additional features include: 

64GB of data 

Quick start record mode

Password protected

Extreme HD 1440p resolution 

140˚ wide angle lens

Automatic Infrared 

GPS / Time / Date 

Up to 10 hour battery life

Upgraded Ambarella H22 Chip Technology

Exceptional mic quality even in noisy places

Waterproof to IP66

Shock proof outer case

High quality metal clip

Working temperature from -40˚C to 60˚C

Comes with USB cable, charging base station, car charger, metal clip and shoulder strap


Optional shoulder harness (extra cost associated)


  • More Info

    This camera is typically used for companies or outfits that don't require the 'full' camera features but offers the same quality of video as all of our cameras.


    Our typical clients of this camera are Security Guards, Night Clubs, Property Management and building inspectors.


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