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Civil suits from false claims happen in many industries. Police, Security, Home Inspectors, Firefighters, investigators of all sorts, can experience these false claims that result in an attack against your competent reputation or result in you or your company buried in legal costs. These claims just cannot be refuted - at least.. not without irrefutable video evidence!

With our cameras, you will have a true eye witness that remembers every detail of any situation. RoadScan Canada can offer the tools to help many industries. See below how we help industries such as Fire Fighters, Home Inspectors, and Fleet Managers to see how we can assist to reduce overall costs and increase driver safety with Telematics Software (GPS) and our partnership with the largest insurance broker in Western Canada.

Capture the Evidence


The best way to capture all of your evidence is by video.  They say a picture captures a thousand words, but they didn’t know about video at that time. Video is priceless.


Use the DC3 to capture video from the station to the scene (any vehicles that cut you off or won’t get out of the way) and upon scene arrival.  All too often fire departments are asked what they initially observed on that first instance.  Fighting fires is a dynamic situation and it is often difficult to remember everything that occurred, not just at arrival but throughout the entire scene.  

Capture where the fire was, how fast and where it traveled, smoke colour and any other components that are relevant to the scene. Imagine dealing with an impaired driver that is caught on video - easy evidence for the Police.

Body cameras serve a dual purpose; they can be a body camera or a dash camera.  This is the perfect solution to capture your entire scene from leaving the station to returning with all points in between.  Our body cameras offer the on scene incident commander the perfect way to easily capture all aspects of the scene including communications.  Body cameras are great note takers and the easiest tool to reduce the amount of time at your scene investigation and court time.  Fire Departments are being excused from testifying in court due to the production of their videos to Police.

Document The Scene

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Training Assistance

Body cameras are also often used for training purposes. Professional teams use cameras all of the time to improve performance.  With our products, you can turn your team into a well-oiled machine.  Fire Departments train weekly for the same reasons.  Instructions can be provided, drills can be executed but only after video can the two be combined to actually see if the execution met the instructions provided.

Both the dash and body camera will save you time and money in the event of a crash as the incident will be captured to prove that your drivers ARE professional drivers.




Home Inspectors are forever being held accountable for frivolous     complaints that just cannot be proven otherwise.  Our body camera will   remove these complaints and not just reduce any payouts, but allow you to put your time where it counts and get paid.  This camera will not only save you money but help you make it.


You have one shot to get it right.  Homeowners will not allow you to   return to obtain extra documentation for your inspections and   sometimes reports or photos just don’t cut it.  How do you capture   sounds on a camera, or notes for that matter? What if you forget what you wrote down means? Our body cameras will solve these problems and assist you in being able to go back and review your data to provide a complete report for your clients with nothing missed.  


You will also be able to demonstrate that you did in fact close that window or door or did not track muddy boots through the house leaving stains. Show what everything looked like in the house prior to your arrival and when you were there! The possibilities of false claims that can arise are endless and with this camera you will be able to refute these claims and keep your reputation as a competent home inspector.


It is the perfect way to provide the best evidence to clients on both sides.


Fleet Managers are always trying to find ways to improve   safety while simultaneously save money.  This is often   difficult to do especially if you have many platforms and   monthly fees working against you.  Why not make it easier by having all payments and platforms provided by one carrier.


RoadScan Canada will provide you the means to achieve this   by working with you to identify your needs while keeping the   budget down.  We have partnered with the largest insurance  broker in Western Canada that will assist in mitigating risks

and reducing budgets while at the same time lowering claim costs which in turn lowers your insurance costs. Crashes are costly and occur unexpectedly.  But with the right insights provided, those at fault crashes can be all but eliminated.  Tracking drivers and observing their behaviour will provide that insight needed to make fundamental changes to your operations.


Cameras and Telematics (GPS) are the best, most cost efficient way to identify issues with drivers which will ultimately lead to further educating moments so that they do alter their behaviour behind the wheel and prevent at fault crashes from occurring.


Throughout this process however, there is one critical component missing: Data Storage.


This is where RoadScan Canada can really be of benefit as we offer the opportunity to upload data at the touch of a button and store it in a safe, secure environment in Canada. This solution will free up server space and IT personnel from having to deal with any unwanted software being downloaded onto your server.  This data can then be accessed, retrieved and downloaded as needed by select personnel. Retention dates can be added for ease of use or the data can be archived.


Make the transition today to improve safety, knowledge of your company’s drivers and ultimately save money.


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