Redtail Telematics

Redtail Telematics is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of quality telematics products and services


RoadScan Canada is pleased to announce being the exclusive distributor

for Redtail Telematics in Canada.  With over 25 years in the

telematic technology sector, over 5.5 million devices currently installed with

over 5 billion miles of data recorded, Redtail Telematics is the solution for

your fleet needs.  From knowing where your vehicles are at all times to a

reduction in fuel costs and preventative maintenance issues.  


Redtail Telematics will assist with up to 60 different reporting measures including:

  • knowing how long your vehicles have been stopped

  • excessive idling (unwarranted fuel consumption)

  • current speed 

  • current location

  • frequently visited locations (customers)

  • mileage determination

  • after hours usage

  • Geofencing - if your vehicle was used out of designated areas

  • hard braking/acceleration/cornering

  • vehicle starter / disable feature

New to Redtail Telematics is our drivers ScoreCard - know what / how each driver is doing in your company to understand which drivers need more educational work but also know exactly what needs to be worked on.  If a supervisor gets into a truck to 'gauge' the drivers ability, of course the driver will be on their best behavior making it difficult to understand what areas to cover.  Imagine knowing what areas need to be covered off even before you jump into their truck!  The drivers ScoreCard will allow you to know exactly what to work on, saving you time, your drivers' time and most importantly, saving you money.


The dashboard is 100% customizable to suit your needs.  Get real time alerts, real time locations and reduce your hard earned money at the same time.  Don’t waste time finding out where your drivers are to see who the closest is to the next call, know where they are and who to dispatch real time.

Have customized reports ready for you first thing in the morning for the parameters you want to know, don't waste time scanning through the each vehicle's reports, let us do the work for you.


The same service and support that you have come to identify and expect with RoadScan Canada will be there for your telematic needs.  


RoadScan Canada can tailor a package for you with cameras that will further reduce your costs in the event of a crash.  Contact Us to learn more about these available packages.

Learn more about Redtail Telematics.

Elog / HOS

Electronic logs will be mandatory in Canada by 2021.  For those companies traveling into the USA, these Electronic logs have been mandatory since December of 2018.  In order to be compliant, companies will have to switch from paper copies to Electronic logs that will cover off.  All information will be available via the driver app and instantly through a web portal on desk tops.  Supervisors will know instantly when reports have been completed, what issues need to be dealt with, how long their drivers have been driving and if they are close to being over their driving hours.

  • Pre and post trip inspection reports

  • Vehicle assignments

  • Violations

  • Locations of vehicles

  • Drivers Hours of Service

    • records number of weekly hours​

    • time till next stoppage required

    • length of time of breaks

    • On duty but not driving hours (work yard)

  • Ability to have roadsides inspections completed ​

All data is stored for a period of 3 months but can be extended if required.

As a result of using the combination of GPS and Elog, provided by RoadScan Canada, your job as a supervisor will be much easier and cost effective.

Inspection Reports
Daily Drivers log book 
Drivers main screen after long into App
Weekly hours
Compatible in both Canada and USA
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