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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage allows you to store data in a secure, encrypted, Canadian platform that follows all Privacy Rules & laws.  Data can be uploaded, reviewed and retrieved at anytime by authorized users. 


Advantages of Cloud Storage

  • Security

  • Reduction of IT personnels' time

  • Great for companies with large workforce and  multiple locations

  • No software required to download

  • Holds as much data as required

  • Confidence knowing data is stored securely and redundantly

  • Ease of Use

  • Fast

  • Permission parameters

  • Upload, view, retrieve and archive from anywhere

  • Quicker access to data in case an investigation is required

  • Allows for longer storage of records

  • Customizable settings for retention of records

  • Put any form of documentation in storage

    • video​

    • photos

    • police reports

    • internal investigation documentation

    • tickets

    • witness reports

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